Do you guys listen to This American Life? Well I do. I’ll go a few months sometimes without listening, and then one day I find myself ravenously listening to them on a run or when I’m on a road trip. My friend Britta and I can sit around drinking whiskey and talking about all our favorites with great panache, although that could be the whiskey. Hang with me because this will turn back around to Ghee (maybe to your disappointment).

Well, I recently read the excerpt and listened to episode 511: The Seven Things You’re Not Supposed to Talk About. It’s hilarious. I love Sarah Koenig and her mother cracks me up. The whole episode is devoted to subjects that Mrs. Matthiessen (Sarah’s mother) deems boring and you should never talk about them. Check it out.

Here is where my story gets to Ghee!  Weeeee!

So guys, I’m doing a new eating thing and I am breaking Mrs. M’s rule to never talk about diet or food trends, because no one cares and its boring. So be ready to be impossibly bored!

I’m trying to kick my back pain and hyper-thyroid, so I’m diving headfirst into strict paleo and toying with an autoimmune paleo model (AIP) that basically restricts even more foods (nuts, dairy and eggs). As dreary as that sounds, I’m actually really excited about it. I haven’t drank in over a week and I feel a lot better, more rested, less bloated and more energized. I’ve cut out carbs and sugar too and I’m easing my way into my new way of eating. Wish me luck.

The ghee. This is a very anticlimactic ending, but ghee is used a lot in Indian cooking and is a type of clarified butter. It’s fairly simple, you basically heat butter till the water evaporates and the milk solids float to the top and the whole thing browns a bit before you strain it through some cheesecloth — or in my case, holding my breath while I poured it through a paper towel laid in a mesh strainer. It worked!

Ghee has a nuttier flavor, a higher smoke point and is pure butterfat. You can add spices too to make it interesting. I’m excited to get cooking with it.

How to Make Ghee:
Alton Brown
NomNom Paleo

I used the Nom Nom Paleo recipe and found it helpful to have images to look at. Here’s my ghee after it cooled and solidified.

ghee solidified

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